Cleethorpes Web Design Services

Myke Black's Web Design Services is based in Cleethorpes - a coastal town just a couple of miles from Grimsby. I specialise in Website design, online web applications, mobile development and CMS management. 

Responsive Layout

Responsive layout means building a website that adapts automatically to the device it is viewed on, without using separate content for mobile devices. The key to this is using responsive stylesheets...

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Google Hummingbird

Google's latest update, codenamed Hummingbird has now been rolled out to the big wide world (although few seemed to have notice a big change). How this will this impact future SEO? Is SEO is dead?

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UX and UI design

Browsing a website should be like swimming in a warm ocean, not wading through mud. The User Interface (UI) of a website plays a key role in user experience (UX), but that is only part of the story...

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Model 4

7 ways to boost Ecommerce revenue.

Do you dream of being able to lounge around in your kimono while your ecom site rakes in the cash? Well, here's a few simple tips to help small online retailers increase their online sales without spending money on advertising or PPC campaigns.
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Model 5

What makes good link bait? And why you need to do it.

The power of link bait cannot be underestimated. To be successful, good link bait has to fulfil two tasks - the first to attract attention of the reader on a sometimes crowded link space, and secondly it should be interesting or enticing enough to make the reader click on the link. Read more

Model 6

How to create videos for websites (that works on ipads)

HTML5 promised an easy way to put videos on websites and mobile sites using a simple <video> tag. However, as with many things in the world of web design, things are not as simple as they seem... Read more